Sunday, August 03, 2008

Will Power

Man, being created in the image of God, has been bestowed with abilities similar though inferior to those of God. Namely the power of creation, not only in the obvious manner: being the ability to reproduce and fabricate, but also to imitate to some degree the creation of our personal world and circumstances. Not only through means of activity or inactivity, but also through understanding and utilizing the natural dynamics of the creative process set in place by the Divine Mind.

Though we have briefly outlined this in the past, there is need here for a short reiteration of what was previously set forth: According to Kabbalistic philosophy the creation of the manifested world took place successively. In other words the creation began as abstract “ideas” in the Genius or Creative Mind of God and then became progressively “concrete” through a series of evolutionary changes as they passed through the subsequent worlds.

The first of these is called Atziluth; it is the unknowable mind of God. It is the place where the Divine Concepts originate and are formless, existing as pure ideas, unmanifest, yet alive.

The second is known as Briah; it is here that the abstract ideas come into an Archetypal, comprehensive, though distorted form.

Thirdly is Yetzirah; it is the region of thoughts that enter into and proceed from human consciousness; it is what is called the Astral Plane.

Finally there is the world of Assiah; the fourth and final stage of manifestation. This is the world of perceived reality, made for our physical vehicle to interact with via the 5 senses, the manifested world in which we live.

Created things and entities proceed in a descending manner from Atziluth toward Assiah. This process can be illustrated thus: A man has a notion to design and build a house to his taste (Atziluth). He then verbalizes his ideas to a designer who begins to formulate a blueprint and make sure that the dimensions are fit for design (Briah). The blueprints are given to a General Contractor who then assembles the workers and materials, and begins constructing the frame and building the structure (Yetzirah). The home is now completed, made in accordance with the original and intended design of the owner (Assiah).

We have the ability to duplicate this to some degree, though the use of techniques and systems designed to heighten our awareness of these forces. It has been known for centuries to practitioners of magick that change must first be made to occur in Yetzirah or the astral plane before it can manifest itself here in our physical world.

Even our physical bodies have an (a)etheric double, and practitioners of Reiki say that they can ‘see’ disease in our (a)etheric or astral counterpart before it manifests itself or becomes detectable in our physical body; and that these diseases or negative energy usually manifests or shows themselves at the first to be black in color and tar-like in consistency. These are said to be seen upon the subtle body in the very region and location where the disease will eventually turn up.

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