Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Occult Recapitulation is often described as the process of consciously recovering past life memories or abilities. We all experience various degrees of recapitulation for most of our lives.
More broadly defined, Recapitulation is a natural process of reconstituting and integrating our past selves into our present life. It encompasses and dictates our personal evolution and journey from the moment of our soul's arrival on Earth as a simple life form to its present 4th Kingdom vehicle. The process unfolds in three stages: Physical, Self-Consciousness, and Memory.

Physical recapitulation starts in the womb when we literally relive and physically reconstitute all the unborn bodies we've had over the course of the past eons of Earth's evolution. We start at conception as a simple one celled life form. We multiply into a colony of cells. Then our embryo becomes a simple ocean dweller (complete with gills), land mammal, primate, and finally a human baby. Early biologists even called this process Recapitulation.

Self-consciousness (personality) recapitulation begins at birth, when the newborn infant is operating at a completely subconscious level. Over the course of childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood we relive the entire evolution of self-consciousness from our prehistoric cave dwelling days to modern civilization. In childhood our latent self-awareness begins to awaken, but in an immature / underdeveloped state; we are driven by want, controlled by the lower self. In adolescence we go through a phase of violent forced separation and distinction from our parents (often presented as rebellion) in order to solidify a separate self-conscious individual personality of our own. This personality continues to mature and develop into adulthood as self-awareness grows.

Memory recapitulation is the integration of specific memories or skills into a mature self-consciousness that is ready to receive it. Most humans at this time only experience the first 2 stages of Recapitulation. Until midlife most people aren't even caught up to where we were psychologically at the time of death in our previous incarnation. Not too surprisingly, a midlife identity crisis often ensues at this time. If the pitfalls of regression can be avoided, the crisis passes and what follows in the second half of life is new growth. Human life-spans are increasing to accommodate this.

Toward the end of this life, we can do certain things to make the recapitulation process easier and faster next time. Without going into detail, this involves using the Law of Suggestion to plant charged memories in the subconscious that will act as signposts to accelerate awakening later.

~Know Thyself~
   B.H. Powell