Monday, May 24, 2010

Angelic Intelligences

The separate aspects of God's persona, called emanations, have from time began been worshiped by mankind as individual "Gods." Some of these have been demonized as "false Gods" by collectively conservative religious "teachers" throughout the centuries. Traditionally, there is said to be nine orders of Angelic intelligences, separated into three divisions as follows in "occult" terminology: First are those called supercelestial; which are all knowing and intellectual, which worship only the One True God. These are they which are before throne continually, and are concerned only with the adoration and service of God. Second are those called celestial; which govern every sphere and the courses of the heavenly bodies. These also as it were, are divided among themselves into countless orders working harmoniously one with the other; Namely, Saturnine, Jovial, Martial, Solar, Lunar, etc. Thirdly, are those spirits concerned with earthly matters (nature), and the affairs of men. These also are divided into separate orders such as, Fiery, Watery, Aerial, and Terrestrial. Also Emotion, Intellect, Imagination (creativity), and Spirit or soul of man and beast. Let us also remember contrawise, there must also be nine orders of demonic, or infernal intelligences. It is these (popular belief says), who ursuped the name of God, and caused man to worship them as Gods, requiring even sacrifice at times. These are categorized in the Zohar into three divisions as well. It is written: "Come, See! In these evil species are three degrees, one above the other. The upper degree of these three hang in the air, the lowest are these which laugh at people and trouble them in their dreams. And there is a higher degree upon them which are from the above and the below (a mixture, or middle degree), which make known unto man things which are sometimes true and sometimes not true, and those things which are true, they happen in the future."