Monday, August 04, 2008

Will Power (Cont.)

Remember the axiom, “As above so below:” like wise, as Atziluth is immediately proceeded by and holds direct influence over Briah, so is our physical world and life proceeded immediately and directly influenced by Yetzirah (or the astral plane). Seeing as we all have this aetheric or subtle body which is the vehicle of the above plane, and is submersed in the waters of the same, then through it we are all connected. For using this substance as a conduit for sending influence from one person to another is no more difficult than floating a toy boat to a person that is in the same swimming pool as you are.

In like manner this can be used for our good, and for the good of others. Each of the successive worlds or realms correspond to one of the four characters in the Tetragrammaton or YHWH, each letter in The Name also has a symbolic significance that is useful in the context which we are speaking.
(י) Yod, transliterated as the English Y signifies in Hebrew symbology a hand, or more expressly, God’s hand.
(ה) Heh, the letter H represents the form of a window or opening.
(ו) Vav, transliterated in this instance as the letter W symbolizes a nail.
(ה) The final Heh, another H, signifies once again, a window or opening.

What you have then is this: visualizing the thing which you desire intone the name or phonetic sound of the letter while seeing the same before your eyes; keeping in mind what the character represents, visualize the thing you are asking for ‘in the hand of God.’ Then follow with the proceeding charater, the Heh and this time see ‘God’s hand’ passing the thing into the next reality through the Heh or opening from His plane into the next, towards you. Next intone the Vav and see the item being ‘nailed’ or concretized, fixed into reality. Finally you arrive at the final Heh, your request is passing through the final opening or window, into physical reality, into your possession.

The complexity of Man created in the image of God and all its implications is expressed by the Kabbalists through the glyph:

The placement and position of the Vav (nail) should also be considered, as it symbolizes man’s procreative powers to bring life into existence.

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